Fascinating Use of Xbox 360 Kinect Motion Controller Camera to Play Street Fighter IV on a Windows PC [Video]!

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Kinect motion controller camera has been primarily released for the Xbox 360 by the Microsoft. But creative guys out there have started to come up with novel usage and creative possibilities that it opens up. Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) is a freeware toolkit that can be used to force the compatibility of the Kinect controller with the Microsoft Windows. This allows to control any software or game in Windows to make use of the motion control capabilities of the Kinect.

I stumbled across a very interesting video showing a guy playing the Street Fighter IV with the Kinect on the Windows PC. While FAAST is used for the motion input, GlovePIE is used for the scripting of the special moves in the Street Fighter IV. Looks amazing – take a look for yourself!

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