Activision Decides to Close Bizarre Creations

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Activision announced in November that it put Bizarre’s staff on a 90-day notice that some type of restructuring or closure could take place. The three-month window is in accordance with UK labor laws.

After announcing that it would consider the sale of Project Gotham and Blur developer Bizarre Creations, Activision said Wednesday it is now recommending closing the wholly-owned studio.
A UK Activision representative confirmed to Gamasutra reports that time is up for the Liverpool-based studio to find a buyer, as chances of a new owner have diminished to virtually nil.

A quick look at the official site for Bizarre Creations shows that the studio is responsible for highly recognizable games like Blur, Geometry Wars, Project Gotham Racing, and so forth. Hopefully this particular development would not affect these franchises adversely.

Source: Gamasutra

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