Top Indie Games of 2010 at TIGSource

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The users at TIGSource have made a list of top games of 2010 based on voting. Those who want to try some of these games should visit the source. There is a video attached to each entry, which can be very helpful in determining personal liking.

The reason for odd numbering is due to ties. As for the list, here it is:

1- Super Meat Boy


3- Hero Core

4- Minecraft

4- Super Crate Box

6- Streemerz

7- L’Abbaye Des Morts

8- Amnesia: The Dark Descent

8- Hydorah

8- Space Funeral

8- Desktop Dungeons

12- Norrland

13- Redder

13- Limbo

13- Revenge of the Titans

16- Give up Robot 2

16- Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

16- suteF

19- Houkai Mura

19- Flotilla

19- Digital: A Love Story


Source: TIGSource

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