iPhone 5 and iPad 2 to Support Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology to Support E-Wallet Services ?

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iPhone 5 | iPhone 5 and iPad 2 to Support Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology to Support E Wallet Services ?

According to a news story at the Bloomberg Apple’s upcoming devices iPhone 5 and iPad will support Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC is basically a short range wireless data transfer technology that can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the primary applications for NFC tis o make payments on the retail stores wirelessly through your phone equipped with this technology also called e-wallet technology. This is one of the primary applications that Apple is looking in to for the future. It is claimed that Apple my roll out its own mobile payment service as soon as Mid of 2011 (same time frame when iPhone 5 is expected to be launched). Neither iPad 2 or iPhone 5 will be the first device to support this technology as Google Nexus S which was launched in US December last year also supports this technology.

More details can be found at the Bloomberg website

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