My Favorite Top 5 Best Websites to Find Bargains Online

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Do you spend a lot of time looking for cheap deals on the internet? These days internet shopping is the new rage. Whether it be Black Friday, Cyber Monday or just any other day, smart shoppers are looking for online deals these days before buying anything. This is actually a very smart way of shopping, since in most cases good bucks can be saved by just doing a little search online. Whether you are looking for Laptop deals, Apparel deals, or about anything, this is the way to go. Here I list the best and my favorite online deals websites. So here it goes:


slickdeals thumb | My Favorite Top 5 Best Websites to Find Bargains Online

One of my favorite ones. It has a front page where only the hottest and most worthy deals make it. It also has numerous other features like the best upcoming deals, a live deals tracker, flexibility to set up alerts for items of your interest among others. However, the real strength of the website is its active and huge community. It has VERY amazing forums which are separated out by categories and easy to sort out by their "hotness" level and the current activity.


fatWallet | My Favorite Top 5 Best Websites to Find Bargains Online

Perhaps the most well known and premier deal hunting sites. It has its own "deal hunters" who post the best of the picks. Often times the editors would post e.g. top 5 laptop deals of the week which is a very helpful feature. It also has very active forums similar to slickdeals. One of its differentiating features is its cashback feature which adds on to other cashback services. So far it claims to have paid its users almost 27 Million US dollars in cash back !! Definitely something to give a try.


dealnews | My Favorite Top 5 Best Websites to Find Bargains Online

As opposed to the above two sites, dealnews is a relatively straightforward website with a clean and appealing design. It is convenient to eyes and has nice thumbnails. Bargains and deals are organized nicely into a single webpage with various categories. If you are just browsing through and want to see what are the hottest deals available on computer, laptops, macbooks, phones, games, clothes, and so on, then this is a nice place to start


TECH BARGAINS | My Favorite Top 5 Best Websites to Find Bargains Online

A busy website with a heavy emphasis on technology bargains as the name mentions. It has very frequent postings and honestly, not every post on this site qualifies as a worthy catch. Nevertheless, if you are willing to look through an extensive list of postings to find some specific items, this might be the site for you.


LogicBuy thumb | My Favorite Top 5 Best Websites to Find Bargains Online

The last website on our last today, Logicbuy, is a fairly decent website whose main drawback is low level of participation from its viewers. Nevertheless, once again it has neat and large sized thumbnails for deals which make navigation easier. It also has a nice feature where you can just click on coupon codes to copy them to clipboard, making checking out deals even quicker. Well organized categories also will make it worth your time to visit this site.
That is it folks, if there is any other deal hunting, or bargains website that you know about, do share it with the rest of the readers.

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