Count the Number of Open Tabs in Firefox and Show in The Toolbar using Tab Counter

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Tab Counter is an extremely simple Firefox extension that serves one and only one purpose. And that purpose is to calculate the number of open tabs in the current Firefox window and show the count in Firefox toolbar. It can be useful for the users that want to keep an exact track of the tabs that they have opened so far, or to know that how many of the tabs that they opened are still there in the background etc.

Tab Counter thumb | Count the Number of Open Tabs in Firefox and Show in The Toolbar using Tab Counter

The toolbar’s default position in Firefox 2.x and 3.x is at the far right in the menu bar. In Firefox 4 and up, the default position is at the end of the tab bar. In both cases, you can move it to where ever you want by right clicking on the toolbar and choosing customize and then dragging it anywhere you want.

Tab Counter is a very simple extension and very targeted in the functionality that it attempts to achieve and indeed does that perfectly. You can download the latest version of the Tab Counter for the Firefox from here.

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