Facebook Email Service has Started to Rollout in Some User Accounts – Check Yours!

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Facebook had announced the @Facebook.com email service just about 2 months ago. And now we can already witness its rollout in to some user accounts. Facebook email is not your typical email service as it has strong social flavor integrated in to it. Key features of the new service includes seamless messaging, conversation history and a social inbox. Users need to choose an @Facebook.com email account and from there on they will be able to get email alerts with conversation history and a social inbox. An intelligent algorithm filters out all the message that are not required by the user. Users can also connect their account with the Window’s Live SkyDrive account offering them up to 25 GB of free storage that can be used to store photos, documents, and any other data to share across computers, for backup purposes or share with other friends.

Facebook Mail | Facebook Email Service has Started to Rollout in Some User Accounts – Check Yours!

You can claim you @Facebook.com email address by going to the “messages” pane (after login to the Facebook account) and clicking on the upgrade option. If this option is not visible then this feature may not have rolled out just yet in your specific country yet.

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