Google to offer developers more hands-on experience with Honeycomb and updates on the Android Ecosystem

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Today some lucky people have received an invitation from Google to attend a new event at their headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. At this event, Google will offer hands on demos and an in-depth coverage on the upcoming Android 3.0, Honeycomb.

image | Google to offer developers more hands on experience with Honeycomb and updates on the Android Ecosystem
As you can see in the invitation, Google will also likely offer some new data on the Android Ecosystem, given the sheer increase in number of Android based devices available in market today. More and more developers are attracted towards the Ecosystem built around Android given the flexibility and options offered. Honeycomb is already gaining a lot of attention since it appears to be one of the biggest updates in the short history of Android OS. And at a time when Android tabs are starting to offer competition to the likes of IPAD’s, we may hear some unexpected news about Honeycomb and how it may impact the existing Android Ecosystem surrounding tabs. Given that this is a premier event from Google, we are also likely to hear more news like updated figures on market share of various Android versions.

This event will take place on Feb 2nd and will be streamed live at


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