A New Simple Facebook Security Hack Allows You to Access Photo Albums of ANY Facebook User!

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Facebook Security Hack thumb | A New Simple Facebook Security Hack Allows You to Access Photo Albums of ANY Facebook User!

Facebook has already taken the world by storm and has now become the most popular website on the Internet for the social interaction. This popularity also brings some problems since there is a massive amount of user data that is stored on their servers and it becomes a security risk in the scenarios where their servers security is compromised, and then all this massive sensitive personal users data on their servers might be leaked in the wild.

An exploit for the Facebook has been posted on Reddit by a user that can bypass the Facebook security and allow the access to ANY Facebook photo album even if the respective user is a non-friend! Only requirement is that you need to have a link to it. This hack has been verified to work by the NeoWin. This comes right on the heel of when Facebook introduced the https feature to bump up the security on their website.


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