Size of Internet in 2010 – How Big It is ? [Visualized]

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Internet can be thought of as an infinite universe that we can easily lost in to with almost unlimited boundaries. Just like our universe it also seems to expanding in all direction without any limits in sight. Focus has done a remarkable job of trying to put the magnitude of this amazing world that we call Internet in to perspective. And they do so with some very interesting visualized statistics to put the massive scale of this beast in to perspective. Some of the stats are really mind blowing for example: there 255 million websites on the Internet, 20 million Facebook applications are installed everyday!, 2 million videos are watched on YouTube each day, 36 billion images are uploaded to the Facebook each year.

Have a look for yourself!

State of the Internet 2010 thumb | Size of Internet in 2010 – How Big It is ? [Visualized]

Source: Focus – [via]

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