Permanent Bans for Cheaters and Hackers in Call of Duty Black Ops !!

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Black ops Ban1 | Permanent Bans for Cheaters and Hackers in Call of Duty Black Ops !!Sony has started to dish out permanent bans for players in Call of Duty Black Ops. The latest firmware update 3.56 for PS3, a ‘security update’, has the ability to permanently ban people suspected as being Modders, Hackers or Cheaters by Sony. Call of Duty Black Ops is the multi-million mega hit from Team Treyarch which has spent weeks topping games sales charts. Now many people are contesting this decision on the official forums, saying that they were given these bans unjustly as they were not involved in these practices. Some saying “My Friend did it”. You can read more about these quotes here – Source. For now, we leave you with a picture of this ban – something which you certainly do not want to see if you have invested thousands of hour in this game !!


Call of duty Black ops ban1 | Permanent Bans for Cheaters and Hackers in Call of Duty Black Ops !!

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  • Sean

    GOOD! Cheat. Get banned. Be a loser. Keep the integrity of the game intact.

    Cheating is lame.

    (and so is camping!) (and last chance :)

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