October 2011

sorami-skydrive Beta

Windows Live SkyDrive is a storage service provided by Microsoft for free to it’s users that allows to stores up to 25 GB of data on their servers. Data stored their can be accessed anywhere on a PC with a web browser. Furthermore, this service is well integrated with Windows Mobile OS based phones. However, if you are on an Android based device you had no luck – that is until now! But now we have Sorami-SkyDrive which is a free application for the Google Android that allows to access the data stored on the SkyDrive from the connivance of Read More >

DoubleTwist AirSync -1

DoubleTwist’s AirSync  is very useful and a free application for the Android lovers out there. And we know there are plenty of them! Actually, it is multimedia syncing application that will wirelessly (over Wi-Fi) sync your  iTunes music and videos from the Android device to a PC or a Mac. It is very simple to use. If you on an iOS device such as iPhone then don’t forget to look at this tip. So, you can use it in conjunction with the free doubleTwist desktop app to automatically import your iTunes music playlists, iTunes ratings & play counts from your Read More >

Vertical Toolbar-1

As we already know that by-default in Firefox, we have one buttons toolbar which is horizontally placed in the main interface. However, this toolbar can quickly get crowded if one tends to put a lot of buttons on it. This is particularly true if you are using the awesome Custom Buttons extension. If due to this problem, better organization or for some other reason you are in the mood to have vertical toolbar then look no further as we have an extension exactly for this purpose. Vertical Toolbar is simple extension that does exactly what it’s name implies that is Read More >


We have already covered cool Handbrake application here at Inspired Geek. It is a video conversion software that supports most of the popular video formats in use today. One of the strength’s of the program is a straight-forward and clean GUI that is intuitive to use particularly for the new users. However, you can enhance it even further by using a free software called DropFolders that adds the automated video file conversions based on a set of watched folders. Actually, DropFolders is an Adobe AIR 2.0 application to allow HandBrake CLI to monitor watch and destination folders. It includes the Read More >


The Camera integrated with the Apple’s latest iPhone 4 is really pretty good to take routine snapshots and even capture some quick HD videos. It allows to eliminate the need of a dedicated point & shoot camera for you day-to-day photography needs. Even the included camera application with the iOS is pretty nice, although a bit simple. But if you are missing a feature (balancing/leveling, burst mode, timer-based shots, grid view etc.) you can always resort to a third-party camera application . Only real inconvenience occurs when you need to transfer these photos and videos to a desktop computer at Read More >

Wi-Fi Sync

If you ever felt frustrated or annoyed with the need of connecting USB data cable to your computer and iPhone (or any other iOS device) and then sync the phone data to iTunes? If yes then I should tell you that you are in a treat with a new Cydia store application that allows to wirelessly synchronize your iOS devices and iTunes (on Windows or Mac) either over Wi-Fi or 3G! Well, if you sync your iOS device much less frequently say once a week then this application might not be as useful but for the others that do this Read More >


Have you ever experienced a slow or shuttering video performance of flash in Firefox ? If you are using latest Firefox 4.0 betas then it might not be a problem, but for some of the users that are on the older Firefox 3.x versions they might have experienced this problem. If you are one of those unlucky guys experiencing this shuttering or slow flash video performance, then we have a solution that might improve the situation or even completely eliminate the problem. Basically, when you are running Firefox it backups a snapshot of all the opened tabs (session) at periodic Read More >


Voice Search is a Google Chrome extension that allows to perform search queries in Chrome browser by speech instead of traditional way using the keyboard to input the queries. This might be useful for some people that are feeling futuristic or not in so much mood to use their fingers too much. Extension shows a microphone icon in the extension area in the Chrome, but also for the search boxes in the HTML 5 based websites . To perform a search just click on the icon and speak the word or query you want to perform. For example, just click Read More >


A few days back we reported that Hard Cops: Uprising is available in the Xbox Live Arcade. It is basically a true run-and-gun game featuring two modes: Rising and Arcade. Rising mode features health bars and purchasable upgrades. Arcade is a mode for hardcore fans which removes these two thing. The game is developed by Arc System Works and published by Konami. Many of you might remember the Contra series from childhood days! According to the GameTrailers review this is faithful return of the franchise, comes with some cheesy sprites and animations, action seems to be pretty fast and according Read More >

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Well, we are not sure about this but it seems that the announcement for next sequel in the CoD series of block-busters Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is not that far. A new website has popped up namely: “Findmakarov.com” which shows a small video clip and a tick-down counter according to which roughly five days are left for it to tick down to zero. If you wondering Vladimir Makarov is a villain in the last CoD game. Infinity Ward the game publisher is known for making extremely brutal games loaded with violence (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 got Read More >

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