Internet Explorer 9 Reaches 23 Million Downloads Milestone

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ie logo | Internet Explorer 9 Reaches 23 Million Downloads MilestoneThese days when we think about Internet Explorer what comes in mind is a web browser with the lack of compatibility of web standards, slow java script performance, lack of flexibility and extensibility in terms of customization of the browser and focal point for much of the malware, rogue browser toolbar extensions that are installed with it. It was the general perception until Internet Explorer 9 betas didn’t arrive the general public. Microsoft made big improvements with the 9th iteration of what is still world’ s most popular browser. This improvements included support for HTML 5, overall better web standards compliance, better performance, support for hardware rendering and a better focus on the privacy and security aspects of the users. There is no wonder that Internet Explorer was received much more positively by the casual users and experts alike.

Now, Internet Explorer team is reporting that it has broken the 23 million downloads milestone. While getting an overall market share of 0.5 %. Since it is still in beta we can expect more user jump to the bandwagon as the it reach the RC build and ultimately moves towards the final release. On the other hand Internet Explorer 8 market share still continues to grow. While, aging Internet Explorer 7 market share is dropping as someone might expect. Meanwhile Internet Explorer still remains the worlds top browser in terms of market share despite the Firefox and Chrome popularity these days with a 34.79 percent market share.

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