MediaMonkey: One of the Best Mp3 and Audio Players – Featuring Top Notch File Organization Tools

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Do you have large collection of audio files? Is it cluttered, scattered across different media with numerous duplicates and missing ID3 tags? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then MediaMonkey will be a huge blessing for you.MediaMonkey | MediaMonkey: One of the Best Mp3 and Audio Players   Featuring Top Notch File Organization Tools

What distinguishes MediaMonkey from other players like JetAudio and Winamp is its phenomenal file organization tools. For starters, it features a very well featured directory based browser of media files. Some people like to arrange their music into folders of their choice, and like to browse through them rather than using the Artist or Album name. And this will be real boon for these people.

You can view or sort through your collection with a variety of attributes – making it very easy and straightforward to find the music of your choice. It can find duplicate files and also automatically fill up additional information for internet for files with missing ID3 tag. Some of the other salient features include:

  • A DJ mode for playing audio files for large  audiences. People can select and play music of their choice but will be unable to modify your media. Or it can be switched to Auto-DJ mode where it randomly picks music based on pre-selected criteria.
  • Easy synchronization with IPod, iPhone and Android devices.
  • Integrated PodCast catcher
  • Automatically re-organize scattered music files into Folders via an intelligent system
  • If you like Media Monkey’s file organization capabilities, but still prefer Winamp, for actually playing the files, it even lets you do that!


media monkey preview | MediaMonkey: One of the Best Mp3 and Audio Players   Featuring Top Notch File Organization Tools


Last but not the least, the real strength of the program lies in its support for custom scripts. There is a huge library for custom scripts available on the very active site forum. The user community is very active and the scripts are extremely versatile. Want to import your play counts from Count on the custom scripts. Feel that the default tag fixer is not up to the mark, get advanced user created version.

In summary, it is a highly recommended tool for audiophiles and people with very large audio collections (like more than 10,000 files). We strongly suggest that you give it a try. The free version is available for download at the official site.

Also, for a interesting comparison and Winamp vs iTunes vs WMP vs MediaMonkey matchup, take a look here.

Link for Free Download of MediaMonkey

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