Personal WiFi Hotspot Support may Come to AT&T’s iPhone 4 Very Soon – Along with Release of iOS 4.3!!

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Like most other iPhone users in the U.S, you must have been frustrated by the absence of WiFi based tethering from AT&T. They do offer USB or Bluetooth based data tethering, but even that wifi | Personal WiFi Hotspot Support may Come to AT&T’s iPhone 4 Very Soon – Along with Release of iOS 4.3!!is after they charge a fee. Hmm, and the icing on the cake is that Verizon users of iPhone will get the personal WiFi Hotspot on launch. Talk about loyalty! For people who are not aware, this feature turns your iPhone 4 into a mobile WiFi spot utilizing the data connection and allows up to 5 other devices including laptops, iPAD’s to connect to internet through your phone.

But there is still hope for AT&T followers. According to a reader on, a New York times reviewer reported a release date of mid Feb for iOS 4.3. Interestingly, the line was removed later on from the review. Another corroborating evidence is that Apple may start in-app subscriptions in iOS 4.3 and it will ideally need to have the new version of iOS on both carriers before it can start making money through that. So maybe there is still some light at the end of tunnel for AT&T subscribers! Further details can be read here. [Source]

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