If StarCraft Coming to the iPhone and iPad ? – Well Sort of ! [Including Video]

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If you are a big fan of the Blizzard’s hugely popular RTS blockbuster StarCraft ? Well, don’t you wish in that case that you could play the game on your iPad or iPhone ? We are not sure if that wish will be granted anytime soon but what we can tell you is that something called Starfront: Collision a game by the Game Loft will be coming very soon to the iOS based devices. This game has striking amount of resemblance to the StarCraft. Most of the in-game assets seems to be taken from the StarCraft and play mechanism also seems to be very similar.

According to the GameLoft Starfront: Collision will have three factions to choose from, 20 missions in the campaign, a deep and engaging story and online leaderboards system to finish things off. There will be an option for the 4 players gameplay online and local multiplayer option as well. Sounds spicy ? probably you will not have to wait too much for this according to the GameLoft. Until then enjoy the following cool video and figure out the resemblance with the Startcraft for yourself that we are talking about!

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