PlayStation Phone Official Now! Set for UK Launch in April

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Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation phone, Xperia Play, is finally official folks. And what better way to reveal your new phone than show if off during the Super Bowl. Sony telecasted the first official TV ad for this new phone on Sunday.

To clear out any confusion, PlayStation Phone a.k.a Xperia Play is NOT the same as NGP or PSP2. Official specs for Xperia Play have yet to be revealed but it is rumored to feature a 4.2 inch touch screen and will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It is the only “PlayStation Certified” device so far, meaning that it will fully support PlayStation Suite. As covered in an earlier post, PlayStation suite will offer a mode of downloadable games, initially starting with PS1 games. My guess is that it will also allow downloads of PSN style games on high end Android devices as well.


sony erisson xperia play april1 | PlayStation Phone Official Now! Set for UK Launch in April


Now coming to the good part, according to Pocket Lint, major UK mobile providers – Vodafone, O2, T-mobile and Orange will start stocking of the new phone soon. In fact, Orange and T-Mobile have hinted towards a release date in April. Interestingly, according to Engadget, Rogers in Canada may also be getting their hand on Xperia Play soon.

Full details of the PlayStation Phone will be unveiled on 13th Feb at the Mobile World Congress. You can view the official trailer here:

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