Finally, A Streamlined Real-time Encryption Solution for Dropbox via BoxCryptor

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Dropbox is one of the most dominant cloud storage services available these days. We have already done a detailed comparison of the service with the SugarSync – another popular service that offers 5GB of data storage. Dropbox is extremely convenient if you intent to synchronize your data among two or more machines. Basically in most cases it completely eliminates the need for a thumb drive. However, if you use the Dropbox to store/backup or sync your sensitive data such as passwords, bank account information or any other personal details then I would suggest to use caution! This is because data in the Dropbox folder is NOT encrypted and you never know when your data might fall in the wrong hands. We have already described the method in detail about the use of TrueCrypt (a powerful free encryption software) to store sensitive in Dropbox in encrypted form, so that you can have your piece of mind. Basically that method involved creating an encrypted container in the Dropbox folder to store the sensitive data. Although, by itself TrueCrypt is extremely powerful but this use with Dropbox involved a number of extra steps (i.e. mounting the volume and un-mounting after the use) – so it’s use was not really streamlined.

BoxCryptor | Finally, A Streamlined Real time Encryption Solution for Dropbox via BoxCryptor

BoxCryptor is now another great (and probably better) option if you want to encrypt the data in your Dropbox folder and it is done in real-time. Most importantly in the software configuration you just need to specify that if you want to store a password protected (encrypted) folder within the Dropbox folder or at some other place in the computer. Anything that you put in the BoxCryptor folder is automatically encrypted and if you want to access the data later you just need to enter the correct password and that is it! Another impressive part is that folder size can grow or shrink dynamically (which is a limitation of the TrueCrypt containers) as files are added/deleted, copied or moved in the folder.

Currently, BoxCryptor is only available for the Windows and the build that is currently available for the download is an early alpha (and that will expire on March 31, 2011). So, you should use it only for testing purposes for now until a more stable releases is available (hopefully it will be available soon).

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