Apple May Introduce a Low Cost “iPhone-Nano” to Keep a Pace with the Android Momentum

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apple iphone 4 | Apple May Introduce a Low Cost “iPhone Nano” to Keep a Pace with the Android Momentum

Apple is usually attributed with the expensive and high profit margin computer devices such as Macs and iPhone. Some reports mentioned about something called iPhone-Nano although Apple mentioned in the past that it is not interested in low cost smartphones to to be introduced to the market. But, it look like that the situation might change now according a report from Bloomberg. Which says that Apple might introduce a low cost smartphone with more lean body as compared to the iPhone 4 and even with an additional dual-sim feature that is particularly popular in the developing countries particularly in Asia. However, all the other components such as display, CPU  might remain the same such as iPhone 4. However, for sure the specifications will be lower with less advanced features as compared to those be found in the upcoming iPhone 5. It might be priced as low as 200$ without a contract, which will make an extremely attractive solution for price sensitive users that otherwise cannot afford a smartphone. More importantly, it will allow Apple to keep a competitive edge over the Android based smartphones which are gaining popularity in the market with a very high momentum when compared to both Apple and Nokia. Particularly considering the fact many of these powerful Android based smartphones can be bought for relatively cheap prices.

However, this is still speculations and there is NOT any firm verdict on this happening in reality. We will have to wait and see that if Apple wants some pie from a lower cost smartphone market as well, or it will keep concentrating only on the high-end more luxurious smartphone market with fat profit margins.


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