Internet Explorer 9 RC Released: We Battle it out Versus Chrome and Firefox in a Three Way Showdown!!

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ie9 | Internet Explorer 9 RC Released: We Battle it out Versus Chrome and Firefox in a Three Way Showdown!!Microsoft has just released the first release candidate for Internet Explorer 9. Even though Internet Explorer 9 massively improves upon its prior version, times have changed. Upon its release, it will face stiff competition at from Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome. Even though this is not the final release, it gave a good glimpse of what is in store for the future. Here we do a quick Internet Explorer vs Chrome vs FireFox comparison and see which browser comes out at the top!


The big one. Introducing the Chakra JavaScript engine, IE 9 may finally be as fast as Chrome or may be even better. According to SunSpider’s JavaScript benchmark, it is 35% faster than IE 9 beta. It is also using hardware acceleration from the GPU to improve upon the whole experience. Probably better than Firefox and at least on par with chrome.


Once again another big area of improvement for IE. It features similarities to Chrome like the tab structure and the universal single bar to enter address, search history, Google web search etc. Also one more innovative feature for IE is the pinned website feature. Like pinning applications to taskbar, IE 9 lets you do the same for websites which makes it easier to track notifications and special features. Probably still lacking due to the interface which can be difficult to navigate at times, but the new innovative features give it a boost. Overall, slightly lower than Chrome and Firefox but very close.


Again several new features in this area as well. Most prominent being Tracking protection which makes it easy to monitor cookies. You can user custom lists as well to automatically block tracking cookies and then easily allow them to go through as you see fit. Internet Explorer used to have a bad history in the past in this regard, but now various comparisons have actually shown it to be better than Chrome and Firefox. Probably still retains that lead by a narrow margin.


Fully supports HTML 5 and even adds support for features like semantics and geolocation. Draw.


Big failure for Internet Explorer in this regard. Extremely disappointing selection of add-ons which are non-existent compared to Firefox. Even Chrome has its growing list of extensions, which far outshine Internet Explorer.


Overall, Microsoft has done some solid work in making sure that Internet Explorer does not lag behind the current generation of web browsers. However, I feel that the lack of vibrant community and customization features causes a more major set back for Internet Explorer, hurting it much than loosing one second in a synthetic benchmark. And this will be something for Microsoft to work on. Hence, in this IE vs Chrome vs FireFox showdown, IE still comes at third spot. But if we take out customization options, it becomes a much more fierce battle with the winner dependent on individual preference.

Here is the download link, give it a try yourself !

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