Apple Working on a Revamped Notification System Possibly for Upcoming iOS 5.0 ?

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Some sources of CultofMac are suggesting that Apple is hard on work on a revamped notification system for iOS such as for the text messages, calls and other alerts etc. In fact, notification system in iOS based devices is one of the few weakest points that are still left and has been criticized heavily by the experts and users alike in the past as well. In contrast the notification system for the HP/Palm (webOS banner notification system), Android and Windows Phone 7 based devices is much more intuitive and informative. According to the report Apple is also going to buy a company to build a revamped notification system technology in to the system.

ios notifications | Apple Working on a Revamped Notification System Possibly for Upcoming iOS 5.0 ?

Well, if indeed this information turnout to be true then highly anticipated iOS 5.0 that is most probably going to be launched together with the new iPhone 5 in this summer is the prime suspect to include this upgraded notification system. Apple is of course of aware this pretty apparent weakness/limitation of the iOS and will likely try to remedy the situation in the next major release of the iOS.

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