Highly Anticipated Crysis 2 Development Build Leaks to P2P in The Wild Before Release!

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crysis2 | Highly Anticipated Crysis 2 Development Build Leaks to P2P in The Wild Before Release!

A few years ago Crysis was released on the PC platform and it redefined the FPS genre with astounding visuals, great gameplay, and of course, it was one of the most demanding games available for the PC for quite some time. For such a long time this game has remained a benchmarks in terms of visual quality (as well system requirements!) for all other games to follow.

Now Crytek’s sequel Crysis 2 to this now extremely popular franchise is expected in few weeks to be released. However, there is some bad news for the Crytek as sources are reporting that a development build of the game with the complete gameplay features has leaked to the wild world of P2P, and right now is circulating around most of the well known torrent sites! Also, the DRM decryption master keys are leaked to the web which essentially allows anyone to crack the DRM and play the game without any restrictions. This is happening while the official release date for the game is still few weeks away. It is of course, a big blow to the developers since projects involving games like this that belong to the A+ category takes a huge amount of investment as well as time to complete. And this kind of incidents will potentially increase the risk of reduced sales of the retail version of the game when it will finally hit the store shelves.

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