What Do You Think Will Be The Size Of The Entire Human Knowledge

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So lets say, if we burned all of the data created by humans on CD’s and stack them on top of each other, how high will be tower rise. Dr. Martin Hilbert and his colleagues at the University of Southern California tried to answer this question with help from scientists in Chile.

Naturally, the more relevant question would actually be: What is the size of all the human knowledge. Quite a daunting task we say. The researchers tried to answer this question by examining about a thousand different sources which tried to estimate our combined potential data storage.

And what was the result. Well, Dr. Hilbert estimates the total knowledge created by humans at around 295 Exabytes ( One Exabyte = 1 billion GB ). To put things in perspective, the stack of CD’s which we mentioned before will actually reach beyond the moon !!cd thumb | What Do You Think Will Be The Size Of The Entire Human Knowledge

But here is the punch line: The data stored by one human in their DNA is actually 300 times larger than this number. Sigh.


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