Automatically Sort/Organize Files in Your Downloads Folder Using Digital Janitor

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Digital Janitor | Automatically Sort/Organize Files in Your Downloads Folder Using Digital Janitor

How many times it happens that you download  a lot of files from the Internet via some download manger such Orbit or some other and all of these different kind of files start to buildup in you downloads folder? At least this is a common scenario for me as I download a lot of files via Orbit and this includes software, videos, mp3 files and even documents etc. All of these different kind of files start to get mixed up in the downloads folder without any organization. It would have been nice to put these files in nicely organized subfolders with in the downloads folder so that files of the same type go to the same subfolder. In other words, files sorted based on their type in different subfolders. However, performing this task manually is a painful process and takes a lot of time. This is where a very nice free software Digital Janitor comes in to the picture!

Main | Automatically Sort/Organize Files in Your Downloads Folder Using Digital Janitor

Digital Janitor is a free software that is all about sorting files in to different folders based on their type or keywords found in their description. In other words, it is a perfect match to solve the problem that I mentioned above in a completely automated manner with few clicks! Basically all you have to do to is to give the path to folder which you want to process (downloads folder in my case), and the then set the rules such as where to move the files with specific type. In addition to the extension files can also be sorted on the keyword matching any word in the name of the file, and also the size of the file. Once the rules are setup you just need to press the Sort button to do the magic! Starting with version 4.0 Digital Janitor can also sort MP3 files by artist and album in folders. It is also possible to sort subdirectories recursively.

Automator | Automatically Sort/Organize Files in Your Downloads Folder Using Digital Janitor

Finally, there is an Automator feature that can sort files based on a common attribute such as having the same extension ("file.txt", "file2.txt"), same name ("file.cpp", "file.o", "file.exe"), or same type (as configured by user). This might be particularly useful to quickly sort files without setting a lot of rules. It is also possible to automatically run the sort operation for a specific configuration (rule-set) based on a schedule such as daily, weekly on a set time. 

Digital Janitor can be downloaded from the official homepage, and is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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