Download All Images on a Webpage Using Image Download ⅡExtension in Firefox

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Sometimes when viewing a webpage we are interested to save a particular image to the hard-drive. This is not difficult at all to do in most of the web browsers including Firefox as it only involves a couple of clicks, and you can save the image to the desired folder. However if you have lots of images on the page you are viewing and interested in saving to local hard-drive then it quickly becomes a tedious task. This is because the same procedure has to be repeated again and again for every image, and this is not convenient at all. A better alternative is to utilize a Firefox extension that eases in batch saving of images on the local drive.

Image Download 2 | Download All Images on a Webpage Using Image Download ⅡExtension in Firefox

Image Download Ⅱis one such extension available for Firefox that allows to quickly save many (or all) images from the currently open page in a tab. All that is required is to setup a set of directories where you might be interested to save the images in the future . Afterwards, whenever you want to save images just pull down the Save Images To menu-item from the Firefox menu and select the directory/folder where you want to save the images (see the image below).

Image Download  | Download All Images on a Webpage Using Image Download ⅡExtension in Firefox

There are number of options available in the preferences that allow to filter out some images that you might not want to save from the webpage. For example, it is possible to filter on Dimension, Image Type, Unloaded images, Background Images. It will directly save and automatically filter images with the filters you set, and add the correct file extension to those unknown type images. Image Download Ⅱcan be downloaded from the Firefox extensions repository.

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