iPhone 5 to Come With a 4 Inch Screen and 3 Possible Models ?

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iPhone 5 concept by DorianDarko | iPhone 5 to Come With a 4 Inch Screen and 3 Possible Models ?

There is a lot of buzz going on the Internet that Apple is considering to go with a 4 inch screen for the upcoming iPhone 5 rather than more typical 3.x screen as we are used to see from Apple. Reason for this is said to be the strong competition from the Android based devices. As you know Android is growing very rapidly in the smartphone space and you can find the Android smartphones with a large variety of screen sizes including some of the more luxurious and multimedia oriented ones coming with the 4 inches or even bigger screens. Apple considers this as a threat and will likely counter it with a larger screen in the iPhone 5. For the information current iPhone 4 has 3.5 inches display.

Furthermore , according to a Cnet report Apple is currently considering three possible models for the iPhone 5 including one with a slide-out keyboard! Although, we are a bit skeptical about this information as a smartphone with physical keyboard just don’t seems to be a route that Apple will take based on the design decisions they have taken in their previous products. Although, you never know in this fast changing world of fierce competition in the mobile arena. We will have to wait and see…


[Image Courtesy of DorianDarko]

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