Microsoft Kinect Allows Surgeons to Manipulate the 3D CT Scan Images in Mid Air [Video]

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image5 | Microsoft Kinect Allows Surgeons to Manipulate the 3D CT Scan Images in Mid Air [Video]

Since the Kinect motion sensing system from Microsoft has appeared in the market people have come up with all sorts of creative uses including playing Street Fighter 4 on the PC! Now it seems that surgeons at the Bimolecular Imaging at Wake Forest University School of Medicine are using the Kinect for manipulating the 3D CT scan images in the mid air with their body actions without the need to use a physical mouse. Actually they are merging a set of 2D CT scan images using a software by TeraRecon, Inc. to create a 3D visualization on the screen that is traditionally manipulated (rotation, zoom in/out, brightness/contrast etc. ) using a mouse but now they can do it in mid-air via Kinect! More details available here.

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