Motorola Xoom Price Unveiled – $800 on Verizon but Wi-Fi-Only Version Much Cheaper!

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Motorola XOOM thumb | Motorola Xoom Price Unveiled – $800 on Verizon but Wi Fi Only Version Much Cheaper!

Reuters is reporting that Motorola CEO has finally unveiled the prices for the now extremely well known (and hot!) Motorola Xoom tablet. It will be available through the Verizon for $800

unsubsidized along with a 3G connection that will be upgraded to 4G later on. This is for the tablet with the 32GB storage capacity and Android Honeycomb installed. As it stands this will put the Xoom $70 more expensive as compared to the iPad selling price. More interesting bit that comes out of it is that the Wi-Fi-only version of the tablet will be available for only $600. This is something that is much more digestible. There is no official announcement when Motorola Xoom will be available but there are strong indications from some sources that pre-orders will begin tomorrow at least at Best Buy while the tablet will launch in full swing next Thursday.


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