Remove Icons From Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar to Save Space

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Firefox toolbar is one of the most convenient and quick ways to access the most commonly used bookmarks in Firefox. Also, a user can create the folders on the toolbar to organize the bookmarks in logical categories within these folders. One problem that many users end up with (those that have a lot of bookmarks on the toolbar) is that icons for the bookmarks (and also for the folders) takes a lot of space. On the other hand, they do provide a visual cue about a bookmark in question. If you can afford to sacrifice some of this visual clarity to save space then there is a nice extension available for the Firefox called Bookmarks Deiconizer that can remove the favicons for the bookmarks as well as folder icons on the bookmarks toolbar to conserve space.

Bookmarks Deiconizer | Remove Icons From Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar to Save Space 

This add-on is particularly useful if most of the items you have on the bookmarks toolbar are just folder because removing icons for the folders is not a problem anyway (all the folders has the same icon in Firefox). This is a restartless extension that only works for the Firefox 4.0 and can be downloaded here.

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  • des

    thank you so much for this. it was driving me CRAZY! i even went back to using the old version just for the clean interface. now all is well.

  • Jon

    Thank you for helping remove the bookmark toolbar icons. I absolutely hate Firefox 4 because of this, so you gave it a chance to survive. I have many coded abbreviations on that bookmark bar, and forcing the icons to show completely ruins the usefulness. I rate the top 1 inch of Firfox 4 as crap, just seems to stink of visuals, rather than be ergonomic & efficient. Thank you for helping reduce the pain!

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