54 Percent of the Illegal Game File Sharing Sourced from 5 Countries According to ESA

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Game Piracy | 54 Percent of the Illegal Game File Sharing Sourced from 5 Countries According to ESAEntertainment Software Association (ESA) – a USA based trade group say that almost 54 percent of the game piracy is happening because of just five countries in the world namely: Italy, Spain, China, Brazil and France. ESA is a member of the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) and is recommending the U.S. Trade Representative to include 33 countries in watch list that are not taking adequate measure to combat piracy, ESA said that P2P file sharing is the main source of game piracy and illegal sharing and it accounted for the 54 percent of the illegal game sharing activity that stem from the these 5 nations. According to the ESA member companies there were about 144 million connection involved in illegal file sharing in 2010 and 78 million of these came form these top 5 countries! You can read the full report at the Gamasutra.

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