Re-Skin the Ugly Looking New Orange Menu Button in Firefox 4.0 to Look Cool

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image7 | Re Skin the Ugly Looking New Orange Menu Button in Firefox 4.0 to Look CoolWith the introduction of the Firefox 4.0 we have to contend with a new consolidated menu button that sticks at the top in the title-bar strip. And it is painted in orange color that looks ugly. Mozilla’s idea was probably to collapse the traditional space consuming menu bar and put all the important option in to a single menu that sticks on the top. However, many Firefox users are not very happy with GUI design decision and there are tweaks available that allow to remove it all together. However, today we will let you know an extremely simple extension that allows to re-skin the menu button, and makes it slightly smaller instead of removing it. So, you still retain the functionality but at least it don’t looks as ugly and better integrates with the rest of the Firefox GUI.

You can get the Menu Button Re-skin extension here. Note that it is ONLY available for the Firefox 4.0 betas.

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