COD Black Ops: First Strike – Zombies Ascension – Collection of Strategy Guides

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Black Ops First Strike Zombie ascension thumb | COD Black Ops: First Strike – Zombies Ascension – Collection of Strategy Guides


Well folks, last time we brought you a compilation of strategy guides for the Zombie mode of original Call Of Duty Black ops. As you might be aware, a DLC called First Strike was released for the game and introduces a new map for Zombies called Ascension.

Here we have compiled another collection of strategy guides across the web for the Ascension map and hope that you will find it useful.

1. To start off, we will share with you how to unlock the musical easter egg which plays the Abracadavre song.

“Around the map Ascension, there are 3 teddy bears that are holding a sickle. When you press X while next to them, you will hear a sound. If you activate all 3 bears, you will hear "Abracadavre" by Elena Siegman. The first teddy bear is located to the left of the Olympia shotgun in the starting room. The second one is behind the fence across from where the claymore are bought. The third one is near the lunar lander by the Speed Cola machine.”
Courtesy of user whoopiiiiie-x on forums.

2. One of the most useful guides containing drawings and floor images of the huge Ascension map, along with list of perks, power ups, weapons and achievements.

First Strike Ascension map guide/faq by Hector Madriga

3. Hosted on, this is an advanced guide for players already familiar with the map. Basically helping you get to the later round without much work.

Zombie Guide on GameFAQs by wilmer007

4. General tips for starters and new players.

MTV Multiplayer Blog

5. A series of videos, that you will walk you through the Ascension map. Very useful. Players’ Guide

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