Faster & Optimized iOS 4.2 Build for iPhone 2G/3G And iPod Touch 1G/2G Using WhiteD00r [Includes Comparison Video]

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WhiteD00r | Faster & Optimized iOS 4.2 Build for iPhone 2G/3G And iPod Touch 1G/2G  Using WhiteD00r [Includes Comparison Video]As many of you already know that when Apple released the iOS 4.0 it left out all the loyal Apple customers with the old gadgets like iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G/2G in the cold, as their was no support for these devices in the iOS 4.0. So these were stuck with the old iOS 3.1.2 forever. Apple made the argument for the insufficient computing power, lack of RAM in these older devices to run the iOS 4.0 to full potential. Although, iPhone 3G was able to run the iOS 4.0 but there were some serious performance issues and iPhone 3G users were really angry on Apple’s strategy of neglecting it’s customers with the old devices. Finally, Apple promised to bring the performance improvements in the iOS 4.2.1 for the iPhone 3G users. However, these improvement were underwhelming at best as shown by the feedback from most users of iPhone 3G.

If you are one of those unlucky users of Apple’s old iPhone and iPod Touch devices complaining about their unfaithful behavior – you don’t need to worry anymore, as we bring you an alternative option WhiteD00r project that aims to bring an optimized iOS 4.2.1 that runs on not only iPhone 3 but also on the even older iOS devices iPhone 2G/ and iPod Touch 1G/2G. Not only that but also it is a highly optimized OS it should run much faster on iPhone 3G than the Apple’s own (stock) iOS 4.2.1!

In reality WhiteD00r is just iOS 3.2.1 with highly modded and tweaked files in such a way that most of the features from the iOS 4.0 are injected in to it. In other words it has features of the iOS 4.0 but performance efficiency of iOS 3.2.1!

You can download and get the installation instructions on the WhiteD00r website.

Here is a video that does a head to head comparison of stock iOS 4.2.1 and WhiteD00r:


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