How to Backup “Everything” in Your iPhone Including Root Level Without Jailbreaking ?

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PhoneDisk | How to Backup “Everything” in Your iPhone Including Root Level Without Jailbreaking ?Normally, most of the users use the iTunes to make a backup of their iOS device just to be on the safe side. However, some of you might know that a backup that is created this way is not totally complete as NOT everything is backed up this way (including system files/hidden files etc.). Only sure shot way is to jailbreak your iPhone and use the root level access to backup everything. Well, it seem there is indeed an alternative way to backup everything even on your iPhone (or anyother iOS device) even without jailbreaking! This tip is passed by the rlinsurf over at Mac OS X Hints.  It involves the use of a tool called PhoneDisk, and Rsync run from the Terminal.

Here is the procedure:

  1. First download and install PhoneDisk.
  2. Make sure your iOS device is connected via USB to your computer. Run PhoneDisk to mount the device.
  3. Under the PhoneDisk menu, goto Preferences, and rename your device to a single simple word (i.e., no spaces or other extended characters), under Use this name as mount disk name:. In my case, I just used ‘iPhone’ for the name.
  4. Make sure that you have the latest version of rsync. Once installed, use the following command in Terminal, replacing the specifics of your home folder, your device name, and your backup location:
cd /volumes;/usr/local/bin/rsync -avv --protect-args 'iPhone'/ 'Macintosh HD'/Users/Home/Downloads/iphone_backup

This creates a complete backup of everything present in your iPhone!

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  • Dave

    How would you then restore the phone from this backup?

  • Michael D.

    The script doesn’t work…with some modification, I did get it to spit out the switches, but I don’t see any that match what is already there…

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