Microsoft Demonstrates a New Bubbles Based GUI – Might be Introduced in Upcoming Windows 8 [Video]

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Microsoft Chief Research & Strategy officer demonstrated a new radical approach of interacting with your computer. The interface he demonstrated is a complete departure from what we are used to see so far say in Windows 7, Linux or Mac OS X. This is because in this conceptual GUI interface there are no icons at all! Apparently all the interaction seems to be based on the bubbles. There are already pre-built bubbles for the main categories (entertainment, gaming, social activities etc.) and new bubbles can also be created if a user wants. Clicking on a bubble brings up interaction elements. For example, if a user clicks on a upcoming flight bubble it will bring up the status of the upcoming flight, delays and so on based on the weather based probability. If a user wants he can switch to an other flight from there. Take a look at the attached video below for to understand what Microsoft thinks is the future of interfaces.

It is difficult to say at this time that if this interface based on bubble’s interaction will be introduced in the Windows 8 (or perhaps Windows 9) or not. If indeed it is introduced, for sure it will be a very risky move on the Microsoft part as this is a complete departure form the existing philosophy of GUI designs. Let’s keep out eyes open to see that if it ever sees the light of the day in a commercial Microsoft Product or just remains confined to the R&D labs at Redmond.


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