How to Improve Slow/Choppy Flash Video Performance in Firefox ?

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Have you ever experienced a slow or shuttering video performance of flash in Firefox ? If you are using latest Firefox 4.0 betas then it might not be a problem, but for some of the users that are on the older Firefox 3.x versions they might have experienced this problem. If you are one of those unlucky guys experiencing this shuttering or slow flash video performance, then we have a solution that might improve the situation or even completely eliminate the problem.

Basically, when you are running Firefox it backups a snapshot of all the opened tabs (session) at periodic interval every few seconds in the background. This is done to avoid a situation where your browser accidently crashes – in that case Firefox will be able to recover/restore all the saved tabs in that session. However, apparently it seems that this high frequency of periodic capturing snapshots of the sessions as a side-effect is responsible for the slow performance of flash video in Firefox. So what’s the solution – you might ask?

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Well, not that difficult either you disable the session restore feature altogether, or more realistically speaking decrease the frequency of taking session snapshots. All you have to do is to open the about:config address in Firefox and then in the filter box enter browser.sessionstore.interval. You should change the default value (10000) to a larger value such as 100000 or even larger value. Note that this value is in millisecond (ms). Actually, this specifies the interval between the two successive session storage executions. That’s it! Now you should have a smoother flash video viewing experience in Firefox.


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