How to Open Firefox 4.0 Add-on Manager in It’s Own Separate Dialog Instead of a Tab ?

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Most people that are in the loop for the development status of the Firefox 4.0 know that Mozilla has made major changes to our beloved Internet browser, including both underlying and upfront GUI changes. While for the most part these changes are welcome, there are some GUI related choices that many users are not particularly happy about. Talk for example about the Panorama feature, Bing Orange Menu button at the top, removal of the statusbar and among some others. But today I am talking about an other subtle design decisions that is not exactly controversial but some people might not like it (including me). Well, I am talking about the behavior of the Firefox 4.0 to open Add-on Manager in new tab within the Firefox window instead of opening a new dialog box (as it used to be in older Firefox versions). If am also one of those old fashioned guys in this respect that liked the traditional way of opening the Add-on manager in a separate dialog box.

Add on Manager | How to Open Firefox 4.0 Add on Manager in Its Own Separate Dialog Instead of a Tab ?

If you are like me then don’t worry as we have an option now – as there is new experimental Firefox extension called Add-ons Manager Dialog for Firefox 4 that allows to revert this functionality of the add-on manager to open in a new tab. This small restatless extension forces Firefox 4 to use a separate dialog window for the Add-on Manager.
In addition to redirecting most internal calls to use the Add-on Manager dialog instead of a tab, it also ensures that any clickable links open properly in the browser and applies a subtle restyle to the Add-on Manager to match its use in a separate dialog.

You can download the Add-ons Manager Dialog for Firefox 4 here. Note that this is a restatless extension, so no need to restart the browser after installation to activate the extension!

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