Motorola Xoom VS iPad: Who Is the Winner Of Tablet Wars ?

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Motorola has just released the first tablet based on Android 3.0 HoneyComb. We took a brief look at this tablet utilizing the nVidia Tegra 2 processor and its pricing over here.

Well, the main question in every one’s mind is how does it fare against Apple’s iPad. The people at have taken a very detailed look at this tablet and also done some extensive benchmarking. As far as web browsing goes, Xoom completely blows away iPad. It’s page loading times are up to 4 times faster than iPad, thanks to the efficient javas script engine. The images below show how the raw processing power of Xoom’s dual processors trumps iPad.


Xoom vs ipad 2 | Motorola Xoom VS iPad: Who Is the Winner Of Tablet Wars ?


Xoom vs ipad | Motorola Xoom VS iPad: Who Is the Winner Of Tablet Wars ?

Images above C/O

Here is a detailed comparison of features between the two tablets:


Apple iPAD

Motorola Xoom

CPU 1GHz Apple A4 (Cortex A8) 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 (2 x Cortex A9) Xoom
RAM 256 MB 1 GB Xoom
OS Apple iOS 4.2.1 Android HoneyComb 3.0 Draw
Screen 9.7 inch diagonal 10.1 inch diagonal Draw
Resolution 1024 x 768 1280 x 800 Xoom
Storage 16-64 GB 32 GB + MicroSD Xoom
Camera None 5 MP Rear and 2 MP Front Xoom
Weight 730 g (3G Model) 730 g Draw

As you can clearly see, in terms of features there is no comparison between Motorola Xoom and iPAD, with the Xoom clearly being superior. However, iPAD has the support of Apple at its back with the huge iOS library at its back. Even though Android is picking up, it still cannot match the extensive software and gaming library of iOS.

However, what remains the critical point of this competition is price: Motorola Xoom costs $800 without any contract, and $600 with a 2-year contract where you pay $20 monthly for data plan. This is still much expensive than iPAD and can be a turn off for a lot of people. One can even say that the true comparison for Xoom would be the upcoming iPAD 2. Still, if you can wait a WiFi only version will be available for $600 soon.

You can read the full review of this tablet over here. Source

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