Tip: Do Remote Automated Video File Conversions by Using Dropbox and DropFolders Together With Handbrake!

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We have already covered cool Handbrake application here at Inspired Geek. It is a video conversion software that supports most of the popular video formats in use today. One of the strength’s of the program is a straight-forward and clean GUI that is intuitive to use particularly for the new users. However, you can enhance it even further by using a free software called DropFolders that adds the automated video file conversions based on a set of watched folders.

DropFolders | Tip: Do Remote Automated Video File Conversions by Using Dropbox and DropFolders Together With Handbrake!

Actually, DropFolders is an Adobe AIR 2.0 application to allow HandBrake CLI to monitor watch and destination folders. It includes the ability to define and manage custom presets. Furthermore, DropFolders can be configured as a service and deployed in a server environment using Microsoft Windows Server Resource Kit SRVANY.EXE or run on the desktop as a normal application. So this application continuously monitors the configured watch folder in a profile, whenever a video file is added to that folder Handbrake is loaded and that file is converted according to the selected preset and finally saved in to the destination folder. Since this works though the Handbrake CLI, so all the conversion process happens in the background.

As you can see DropFolders application can be really useful by itself for automated video file conversion based on a watched folder when used together with the Handbrake. However, things get even more interesting when you use this application together with our favorite free data synchronization application Dropbox. Say if your watched folder is present with-in the Dropbox folder then you can add the files to this folder from anywhere in the world and they will be automatically converted and saved to the destination! If destination folder happens to be on the Dropbox as well then you can even access these converted video files remotely! This trick is of course not limited to Dropbox only, so you can use it with any other data synchronization service such as SugarSync. You can see a detailed comparison of Dropbox vs SugarSync in case you still trying to figure-out that which one is better out of these two most popular cloud based data/folder synchronization services.

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