How to Add a Vertical Button Toolbar in Firefox ?

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As we already know that by-default in Firefox, we have one buttons toolbar which is horizontally placed in the main interface. However, this toolbar can quickly get crowded if one tends to put a lot of buttons on it. This is particularly true if you are using the awesome Custom Buttons extension. If due to this problem, better organization or for some other reason you are in the mood to have vertical toolbar then look no further as we have an extension exactly for this purpose.

Vertical Toolbar 1 | How to Add a Vertical Button Toolbar in Firefox ?

Vertical Toolbar is simple extension that does exactly what it’s name implies that is to introduce a vertical toolbar in the Firefox interface where you can Drag & Drop different buttons from the Customize toolbar dialog. By default it adds a vertical toolbar on the left edge of the window but it can be customized to move the toolbar to the right edge. Other options include to auto hide the toolbar. enable/disable auto hide animations and show only icons on the toolbar, icons + text labels or just text labels.

Vertical Toolbar 2 | How to Add a Vertical Button Toolbar in Firefox ?

Vertical Toolbar is a useful extension for the Firefox users that want to better organize their toolbar buttons both in horizontal and vertical space. You can download the latest version from here.

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