May 2011


We all know that Motorola’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb based powerhouse that we call Xoom is already very powerful, and as the Android based tablets go these days – this is the best you can get at this time. But this didn’t stop talented people at XDA forums to achieve more from the device. coolbho3000 from xda-developers forum have come up with a modified kernel that overclocks the Motorola Xoom 1GHz dual core Tegra 2 processor to 1.5 GHz! This really bumps up the performance figures of the device compared to a stock device. In fact, according to his benchmarks results Read More >


Earlier, we have brought to you guides on how to install Android 3.0 Honeycomb or Android 2.3 Froyo on your Nook color. As well as on how to root the Nook Color with the Android 3.0 Honeycomb installed and many other tips and tricks for the Nook Color. This time, we will let you know how to install the Amazon kindle software on your device to transform it in to a working Kindle! Well, it is not that difficult at all. Most difficult part is to have your Nook Color rooted (in case you haven’t done it already). Rooting is Read More >


Well yesterday we brought you the iOS 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak solution demo on an iPod Touch 4G by the well known security expert Stefan Esser. And now it has just been tweeted by him that he has indeed handed over this exploit to the members of the iPhone Dev Team. And at the time of this writing, they are doing a beta testing of this exploit! Initial beta tests seems successful and if everything goes smoothly then we might see this exploit for the untethered jailbreak for the iDevices on the iOS 4.3.1 soon included in application like PwnageTool, RedSn0w Read More >

Windows 7 Taskbar Big Preview  2

Windows 7 was released with many great new features. Most of these fall in to the visual eye candy and refinements to the GUI to have a smoother experience for it’s users as compared to the Windows Vista. In particular, Windows 7 taskbar got a big bump in terms of new functionality. One of the new features was the introduction of the real-time taskbar preview for the running application with their buttons listed in the taskbar. Regarding this functionality a problem that many of the users might have noticed is that the default taskbar preview provided in Windows 7 is Read More >

VLC Player

VLC media player is one of the most popular media players at least on the Windows OS. And this is for a good reason – it allows to playback virtually unlimited number of audio/video formats smoothly, and all of that without even installing a single codec! Apart from that it also supports many advanced features (streaming comes to mind). As for the iOS world this popular player was introduced first in the Apple App Store as a free download. Unfortunately, for the avid users this was removed by Apple from App Store shortly afterwards because of the copyright restrictions. After Read More >


Recently released Internet Explorer by Microsoft is really a strong web browser which is a marked improvement over the previous Internet Explorer 8 in every imaginable way. However, one thing that I am sure many people might have noticed is the lack of a real-time spell checker. This is somewhat of disappointment for the people that were expecting it to be coming in the latest incarnation of this popular Microsoft browser. But fortunately for us this limitation can eliminated by using a free real-time spell checking tool called Speckie that is designed specifically for the Internet Explorer and it works Read More >

Recorder 1

If you ever wanted to record a long conversation you had with a friend or a family member on your iPhone – just to keep it for a future record? Well, there are some very nice options available if you want to do the same thing for the Skype calls on a Windows PC. Not only that but some of very few (free) application allows to record video calls as we reported earlier! But don’t’ despair as good news is that there is indeed a nice application available in the App Store that allows to do call recording even on Read More >


By default in Firefox 4 the behavior of the browser has changed a bit in the sense that when you quite, it no longer prompts you to save currently open tabs as it did in Firefox 3.x. You can bring back this behavior by changing a single preference in about:config in Firefox. So just launch the URL about:config and filter the results on the search bar on the browser.showQuitWarning. Then in the window double click on this to enable (true) the  browser.showQuitWarning property. Now even if you have setup the Firefox in preferences to start with a home page or Read More >


If you have upgraded to the iOS 4.3 on your iPhone 3G/3GS or iPod Touch then you might have noticed somewhat faster battery drain. If this happened to you then this is most probably because of the new Ping service introduced starting from the iTunes 10 – a social music discovery service. For most of the users chances are that they are not using it anyway. It is one of the biggest culprit for the rapid battery drainage on the iOS 4.3. So you should disable it if you are not using it. For that go the Settings –> General Read More >


While the primary purpose of any mobile phone is to receive calls obviously (in addition to initiating a call to some other phone number). But there are cases where you might not want to receive calls from some specific (undesired) person. It may also happen that you are receiving annoying calls from people that you don’t want to attend. In these scenarios, it is of course highly desirable to have the functionality to block calls from that specific person (or a group of uninteresting annoying people). If you are using iPhone and have it jailbroken then you can do it Read More >

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