How to Add Vertical Tabs to Firefox Instead of Using the Traditional Tab-bar ?

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Vertical Tabs | How to Add Vertical Tabs to Firefox Instead of Using the Traditional Tab bar ?

Well, we are all used to seeing a horizontal tab-bar in almost all modern web browsers that support tabs. This tab-bar becomes populated with the open tabs list and then a user can easily switch to the desired tab by just clicking on the desired tab on the tab-bar. Easy isn’t it? Yes! but there is one problem that some of you might feel more than the others that relates to the fact that modern computers and laptops have widescreen support. It means that they have more real estate for the vertical GUI elements than the horizontal one’s. So, in this case this horizontal tab-bar takes away a sizeable piece of the valuable horizontal screen space which is already at premium! It would be great if a user could just disable the traditional horizontal tab-bar and replace it with a vertical tab-bar/side-bar to enumerate the list of all opened tabs.

This is exactly the problem that is solved by the Vertical Tabs Firefox extension that adds a vertical tab-bar to arrange tabs to replace the traditional one in Firefox. Vertical Tabs has a native look & feel, also supports tab grouping. Here are the other key features of this Firefox extension:

  • Ability to arrange tabs in groups (instead of arbitrary trees) plus some group-related features (collapse group, tab previews, etc.)
  • Very few other features and hopefully little or no preference settings. Instead a good JavaScript API shall be provided for other extensions (e.g. JetPack SDK based) to provide additional features.
  • Native look and feel.

You can get the Vertical Tabs for Firefox 4.0 from the Firefox Add-On webpage.

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