How to Download Torrent Files on Your Jailbroken iPhone!

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These days bit torrent is one of the most popular P2P medium to download files such as music, photos, movies, games, software and so on. However, much of this content actually violates the copyright laws. But there is also a lot of legal stuff available for us to download. Normally, we are accustomed to using a Bit Torrent client on our home desktop computer or a laptop to do all the Bit Torrent related activity. But you know in these modern times when Apples’ iPhone is taking the world by storm – everyone prefer to do maximum possible number of activities on the go through their smartphone. Well, these days iPhone is considered to be a magic device and is expected to do everything for it’s user/owner then why can’t it download torrent files for us? Why we have to just use our PC’s for this task?

torrentula8 | How to Download Torrent Files on Your Jailbroken iPhone!torrentula3 | How to Download Torrent Files on Your Jailbroken iPhone!

Ok! Enter the world of Torrentula – an application for the jailbroken iPhone that makes this dream a reality! Note that for this application to install on you iPhone you need have the latest version of the Jiggy Runtime.  After doing that you need to add the following repository to Cydia – “”. Torrentula allows to browse the torrent sites and download the torrent files straight to your iPhone!


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