Nintendo 3DS Hacked Immediately After Release in Japan!

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3ds | Nintendo 3DS Hacked Immediately After Release in Japan!

Finally, Nintendo has released the it’s new flagship portable gamming console Nintendo 3DS in Japan on March 25th. Initial inventory of the 3DS has already run dry because of the very high demand of the console at the launch in Japan. Only a few days has passed since the release of the 3DS and already a user has managed to hack the console and play the unauthorized Nintendo DS games on the console via the R4 card! R4 cards are particularly popular in the hacking community to play the pirated games on the DS console. However, note that it cannot be considered a complete hack as the YouTube video posted by the user only shows the DS titles being played on the Nintendo 3DS. So, hacking to actually play the full-on commercial 3DS games on the latest Nintendo portable still seems to be a bit far off. In any case, it is a blow to the Nintendo that has put substantial effort to make the 3DS to be as hacker proof as possible. A video demonstration is attached below:


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