PlayStation Move: Reaches 4 Million PS3’s Worldwide

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Even though, Microsoft’s Kinect is receiving a lot of press these days, Sony’s Move is also making it in the news. According to VGChartz, PlayStation Move is enjoying good success, and has reached an install base of 4 Million PS3 units world wide.

What this translates into is an attach base of 8% which is pretty impressive. The actual number of Move controllers sold is even higher and estimated at around 6.5 move thumb | PlayStation Move: Reaches 4 Million PS3’s Worldwide

The most sold title so far is Sports Champion with a reported attach rate of 58%. However, it appears that what will really help Move pick its momentum would be support by block buster games like Kill Zone 3 which have already been critically acclaimed for their use of the motion sensitive controls. Does it mean that Sony Move will surpass Microsoft’s Kinect ? Well, that remains to be seen.


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