Reduce the Width of a Tab by Just Showing Favicon of a Firefox Tab and Accommodate More Tabs

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FaviconizeTab | Reduce the Width of a Tab by Just Showing Favicon of a Firefox Tab and Accommodate More Tabs

If you are a real hardcore Firefox user and a “tab junkie” as well, you might have noticed a problem when opening too many tabs. After you open say a dozen tabs the tab-bar becomes full and then a scrolling arrow appears at the right edge of the tab-bar which you have to click to scroll through the tab-bar in that case to reach the tabs at the far left or right of the tab-bar. This quickly becomes tiresome because you spent most of the time on scrolling through the tab-bar then just clicking on the required tab to switch to it! One solution is to reduce the maximum width of a tab, although you may still have to do the scrolling through the tab-bar but that will happen may be after you open just too many tabs – but not in the case of opening just 9 or 10 tabs.

However, there is another way to solve this problem that still involves reducing the tab width of the tab but in this case you can completely eliminate the text from the tab title and ONLY show the favicon of a website. So, you still get the visual cue about the website open in that tab if you are on another tab so that you can quickly switch to the desired tab. However, this technique naturally reduce the tab width significantly – as a results far more tabs can be opened before you have to click on any scrolling arrow on the tab-bar to find a tab. For this purpose, you can use the FaviconizeTab Firefox extension that adds a tab context menu item to selectively “Faviconize” a specific tab. The width of the tab becomes small up to the size of favicon. It returns to the former size when "FaviconizeTab" is clicked again.

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