How to Play Flash Games in Full-Screen and Lag Free in Google Chrome ?

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image6 | How to Play Flash Games in Full Screen and Lag Free in Google Chrome ?Many of us are used to play the light-weight flash games in our favorite browsers. This is particularly true for the casual gamers out there and for the people that don’t have much time otherwise, and want to kill a small amount of time with some light gaming-fun on a PC. There is no limitation of flash games on the Internet, but if you play a lot of flash games confined to the boundaries of a browser window you might have noticed some annoying problems as well. One of the main problems is the lag that many flash games introduce when you try to play in the browser window, also you cannot easily play them in full screen to have the true game experience. Another issue is with the scaling of many games viewable window area. There are some games out there, that don’t allow to do video scaling, as result their viewable area looks tiny on high resolution screens.

If you have faced any of the above mentioned problems than you will love an awesome Google Chrome extension called SwiffOut  that is made specifically to solve these issues for the flash games. It will allow to play flash games distraction-free in full-screen in Google Chrome, do automatic video scaling for the games for the optimized performance, provide lag-free gameplay. Finally, another handy features is that it can create shortcuts to your favorite games on the desktop, so that you can launch them directly later on from the desktop.

SwiffOut  is free download for the Google Chrome available at the Google Chrome extension’s repository.


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