iPad 2 vs. Original iPad – A Head to Head Comparison!

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iPad 2 vs. iPad | iPad 2 vs. Original iPad – A Head to Head Comparison!

There is a very nice head to head comparison done by the Engadget between the newly released iPad 2 and original iPad in terms of the key specifications.

Have a look:

image5 | iPad 2 vs. Original iPad – A Head to Head Comparison!

Of course, most obvious differences include much stronger dual core processor, front and rear facing cameras, gyroscope and much thinner and lighter chaises in the newer iPad 2. Although graphics horsepower is also reported substantially higher for the iPad 2 but the exact technical info for the chip is unknown so far. When looking at this don’t forget that original iPad is now available at much cheaper price!

[Technical Sheet via Engadget]

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