Sony’s Quad Core Gaming Monster NGP Playing Uncharted on GDC 2011 [Includes Video]

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uncharted | Sony’s Quad Core Gaming Monster NGP Playing Uncharted on GDC 2011 [Includes Video]

GDC 2011 is on going as we speak in San Francisco. It is the largest annual gathering of professional game developers. And Sony is also taking the opportunity to tease gamers by showing a bit more glimpse of it’s new cutting edge portable gamming device namely NGP or PSP 2 as some prefer to call it. Here is an exciting video from the GDC 2011 showing new Uncharted game for NGP. As you can see below it takes full advantage of the NGP hardware capabilities for example you can use the touch screen to do most of the movements in the game such as jump or climb. Touch screen can also be used to do some melee combat. There is no word on the actual release date of the game for NGP but some sources are expecting it to be released with the actual hardware release later this year. Engadget is also reporting that game cartridges will only support 2GB or 4 GB of capacity. For this reason game developers porting their PS3 titles to NGP will have to probably downscales texture resolution and other details to make it fit on these cartridges.

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