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More information about Anarchy Reigns (aka Max Anarchy) has come out in last few weeks. The game is expected for fall 2011. The game will offer both story mode and online play. Here is some information about what to expect in the story mode:

The story begins in the ruined city of Altanbra. This city serves as the play area. You’ll find a variety of land forms and gimmicks. The big feature, though, is that the city will change in real time. Bridges will collapse, trailers will come crashing through, and there will even be natural disasters.

In the game’s story mode, you take control of main character Jack, who comes to the game from Platinum’s Wii title MadWorld. You’ll lead Jack in exploration of Altanbra. Your main activity involves clearing missions that are given to you around the city. You can freely select whether or not you want to take these missions on, but clearing certain missions will advance the story.

Some information about the characters:

Big Bull
Four years back, Big Bull suffered a great injury, so he got rid of his body and moved his brain into a cyborg body. His Killer Weapon is Jet Hammer.
Zero wears a Nano Machine Suit, which strengthens his stealth abilities, allowing him to be good at sneaking missions. He’s been fighting mutants and battle cyborgs in order to acquire data for the development of a new weapon. Zero is just his code name. His Killer Weapon is the twin blades Oni Maru and Juzu Maru.
An agent with the first strike team at the maximum security area of the Bureau of Public Safety. She’s a master of BPS Fighting, a combat that makes use of a new Nano Machine Suit created by BPS. Her Killer Weapon is Snow Spikes.

When playing the game in online mode, all the characters mentioned here become playable. There will be other playable characters as well, Famitsu hints. Further details will come in a following update.

Some of the videos that were revealed:




Big Bull

Character Battle


Source: Andriasang

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